Good things come in threes
, he says. I’m reading both obituaries instead of getting dressed, thinking one-two. Two surviving children, it says: that’s us.

“Come on,” Father’s look on his face. “We’ll be late.” He doesn’t see my hand until I pull the trigger.

“Three,” I tell him, and smile.

Linking this to the Fiction Challenge ‘From 15 to 50? - prompt “three in a row”.  Word count: 50, and holy mother of Pete that was hard to trim down and have it still make sense.


Right in the middle of her desk there was a line. It was a perfectly straight line: it made no twists and no turns and it went from the top center to the bottom center and it was just exactly in the middle of her desk, to the millimeter. She wasn’t sure who’d originally drawn […]

The Serpent Path

The thousand steps of the serpent path shimmered in the morning heat. It was customary to walk the path at dawn, before the sun cleared the tel, but when the summons came then customary was no longer the order of the day. When the summons came, you answered without hesitation. She kicked off her sandals […]


There are an infinite number of suns in the expanding universe. Old suns, monstrous and crimson; and even older ones, dimming slowly into blackness. Stable yellow suns and suns still buried in the birthing grounds of nebulae. Suns that were and are and are yet to become, and around some fraction of the infinite suns […]


June only got one present that mattered for her birthday. She kind of liked the big white rabbit with the pink bow and the satin paws that caught on her hangnails with a sharp tingling roughness, and the three books with dust jackets bearing citations from the New York Times Best Seller List looked very […]

Going Home

It was the rhododendrons that were the problem, really. The tulips were certainly obnoxious — damp, mostly — and nobody ever quite knew what to do with the bells other than hold your breath while you were passing through them. But the rhododendons. The rhododendrons were a problem. It had been okay when Sam was […]

Bandwidth Reset

It's 12:01 AM on September 4th, and Bryn's bandwidth has just reset. She's got her cheap little government-issue tablet out and she's been waving it around like a ten-inch diagonal injection molded kite for the last thirty seconds, waiting for the little chirp that means free Internet. We've been standing there watching her do the […]


Today’s prompt from Alissa Leonard’s Finish That Thought is the opening sentence I ran for the door, but someone had taken the keys.  Bonus challenge: include a ticking clock or countdown.  Normally Tuesdays are bad writing days for me – bad days in general due to work – but I have not been writing much […]


The clock on the wall in her grandmother’s house goes tick tick tock tock; always has, at least since she remembers it.  It goes tick tick tock tock and every time the pendulum stutters time shifts a little bit more out of sync in her grandmother’s house.  Every time the second hand jerks back and […]


There were a thousand places Bill could think of with a higher probability of results.  A cave.  The middle of the primordial forest.  Under Loch Ness.  Places without security guards and binoculars and camera surveillance.  Places with a population exponentially less than eight million.  Those were the sort of places she would have taken the device: […]