Alice: Absinthe


It’s midnight again, and Alice is sitting at the bar.

She’s drinking absinthe, of course,  and muttering about a caterpillar and a mushroom, taking drags on a hand-rolled cigarette in a way that makes you wonder what exactly is in that tobacco. But it’s Alice,  so you don’t ask.

You never ask Alice.

When you do, she gives you a look like your head is a magic mirror and your brains are made of cheese, like she can see right inside you and there’s nothing worth bothering about there. She shakes her head and takes a long drag on her cigarette and she doesn’t answer, not really. Not Alice.

It’s a long story, she tells you, and the way she says it you begin to understand that calling the story ‘long’ is a lot like calling the ocean ‘damp’, and then her gaze wanders back to the little white rabbit at the other end of the bar and she tells you to give him another gin and carrot juice, please.

It’s midnight again, and Alice is sitting.

She rolls herself a new cigarette and lights it on the end of the last one, taking a long drag before she blows a smoke ring that settles on the absinthe bottle. It’s a lot less full than it was when she started, but she isn’t acting tipsy. She’s just acting like Alice. Always Alice.

She looks at you again, and you have the feeling she isn’t seeing you at all, just something with your shape in another world,  and she takes a drink of absinthe and blows a ring of smoke and says

Who are you?

You don’t know how to answer, but she repeats the question with a nasty little edge in her voice, like it’s not really a question but a challenge, so you try to find a way and that’s when you realize that you don’t actually know.

The white rabbit snickers at the end of the bar. He looks drunk, with the orange smudge on his hare lips, but Alice. Alice isn’t drunk. Alice is Alice.

It’s midnight again,  and Alice is.

She’s not smiling. She never smiles. Alice is drinking absinthe and smoking another cigarette, and this time she offers it to you, so you take a hit,  just a little one,  and then another.

At the end of the bar,  the white rabbit is getting out a pocket watch and checking the time. He looks worried. You want to tell him not to bother, because you know what time it is.

It’s midnight again.

Six Breaths

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Bus Man

He was grey, with a five o’clock shadow as rough as the cinderblock walls he was leaning against, shadows pooling in the deep hollow of his cheeks. Grey, in the sort of washed-out dingy way that everyone gets after too long under fluorescent lights, at night when there is only too-bright and too-dark. An ordinary […]

Silver Shackles

Once upon a time there was a castle. A castle, and a king, and a queen, and a prince, and a priest of the hollow gods, because if the hollow gods are in the story then you don’t know about the happy ending any more. A prince, and a priest of the hollow gods, and […]

Wild Rose

It’s night, and I’m standing on the edge of the clearing, watching her. She crouches in the snow, the moonlight reflecting in her eyes, bright and hungry and unsatisfied. I can’t see what exactly I’ve disturbed her making a meal of, but the dark shape crumpled in front of her is small. A rabbit, maybe, […]


Plant the plants in even rowsA hundred seeds in each furrowAnd plant and water, till and tendAnd reap a harvest in the end. The count was important. Old Catherine had told Young Catherine this: the count was important. Ten rows, long and straight, a hundred seeds in all. Not one more, not one less. The […]

Silver Steps

The temple in the city had seven silver steps, without a hint of tarnish to them. They were worn in the middle and polished from the feet of the penitent, but they shone in the sunlight and glowed under the light of the full moon. When it rained, the water poured down and danced over […]


In the western end of the grotto, there are fairies. They live in the tiny toadstools that ring the garden gate, and they come out for tea on alternate Tuesdays when the sun is just above the alder trees. There are four of them, and they have names which human mouths cannot pronounce, and so […]

Not Yet

He had never been this far out in the wastelands before. His skin was green and cracking, and his mind buzzed with the green hunger, with the call of his soul. Every divot in the flat cracked ground was a hole into the center of the earth, every hummock a mountain impossibly tall, but he […]


She loves to swim, he tells me. She loves to swim, as if that's all that matters. As if the only qualification to enter the castle is “loves roses”, as if the only reason to kiss the maiden is a spinning wheel fetish. As if. She loves to swim. You'll love this one, she loves […]